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Snowmageddon February 2, 2011

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***Happy Snowmageddon 2011!!!!***

I feel the need to explain my hat a little… which is also a scarf… merge those two words as you will.  lol

My parent’s got it for me while they were in Europe for over a month this past summer.  I can’t remember the exact country they got it from… For some reason I want to say Croatia… Either way, I know the hat-scarf looks a little ridiculous but it is the warmest hat on the planet.  Plus, because it wraps around your head it sheilds one side of your face from the elements.

After todays hazardous weather conditions, and spending literally an hour and forty-five minutes trying to de-ice my car to go to work, this hat was a life saver.

Thanks Mom!!  🙂   ha


One Response to “Snowmageddon”

  1. Karen Says:

    Aww…I think it was Estonia where they bought you that hat. But oh no…Jacqui has a blog about her crazy life?!? What’s the world coming to?!?

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